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Why is it important not to wait when it comes to Social?

Do you remember when your parents told you it doesn’t matter what brand is on your clothes because money won’t buy you real friends? The message your parents were trying to teach you is really the driving force behind why it is so important to be involved with social...
The Road Map to Success in Social Media Marketing - Snowstorm Marketing Helps You Succeed

Turning a Brand Into Your Buddy

Let’s talk for a moment about the significant culture shift of our time that has changed the way we look at business and marketing as a whole. We are living in the evolution of the humanization of business. This is a direct result of the evolution of the internet itself and...
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Can the World Survive Without Facebook? Absolutely!

I read a quote on twitter recently that asked “could the world survive without Facebook?” The answer is yes, absolutely! Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, these are all just the platforms we use on the greater platform that is the internet. It is important to remember that the...